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Vastu Puja Kit

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    Vastu puja improves spiritual and material life, creativity, intelligence, the health, longitivity of life, the relationship among the residents

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    9.25(L) X 7.75(W) X 3(H)

Vastu is a creative, dynamic and scientific Vedic system of Architecture to design building of a tower, mansion or a house developed by the ancient sages to ensure good fortune, peace, prosperity, creativity, health, happiness and harmony for the inhabitants. Vastu puja improves spiritual and material life, creativity, intelligence, the health, longevity of life, the relationship among the residents. Vastu puja removes negative energies or ill effects resulting from inauspicious location or directions of rooms. It also removes ill-effects of a business premises and attracts more business.


  • Vastu dabbi (includes surya pratima, vastu pratima, panchratna, shalaka)
  • Saptamrutika
  • Kali bavli
  • Hawan samagri
  • Navgraha samidha sticks
  • Jav
  • BlackTeel,sarsavo
  • Astadhanya
  • Sandal chips
  • Hawan Herbs (agar, tagar, nagkeshar, jatamasi, kamalbeej, dhoop, loban, gugal, dasang, nagarmotha, kapurkachli, batriso dhoop)
  • Cowdung, Darbha
  • Vastu CD
  • Vastu Yantra
  • Vastu book
  • 18 essential puja items { Kumkum, Haldi, Abir, Gulal, Astagandha, Sandal paste, Rangoli, Sindoor, Agarbatti packet, Supari big -12, Gangajal, Gomutra, Cotton wicks round & long (vatis), kapus vastra, Khobravati & Misri, Raksha suta (nada), Janeo 2, Akshata, Honey (madh), Attar, Red cloth, White cloth, Ooti saman (includes haldi, badam, akrod, kharek), Kapoor, Panchmeva (for Prasad), Durva, Jasvant flower (artificial), Bettle leaves, Lavang, Elachi, Kalash & mini shriphal, Darbha, Dronas }

Dimension of Box: 9.25(L) X 7.75(W) X 3(H)


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