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Parad Shivling Small

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  • Benefits

    The one which is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame

  • Dimension

    4 (H) X 4.5 (W) inches

  • Length of Yoni

    1.5 inches

  • Weight

    120 gms

Complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stage of Purifications done as per Parad Sanmhita) and removal of Saptakanchuki (100% medicated and hygienic) the Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi Badha/Agnibadha (sustain the heat) Shiva lingam. The Extract from this Shivling gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases in the body. The one which is capable of giving instant Luck, wealth, position, name and fame. The presence of which in the House is itself a complete life. Shivalingam is the holy symbol of union of Lord Shiva and Shakti. Shivalingam is worshipped in homes and temples. At home it blesses with unity and harmony in the family and guides its devotees to spiritual path..

Dimension: 4 (H) X 4.5 (W) inches
Length of Yoni: 1.5 inches
Weight: 120 gms

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