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Durga Puja Kit with Durga Idol in Panchdhatu

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    Goddess Durga puja is done for success and victory in all aspects

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    9.25(L) X 7.75(W) X 3(H)

Goddess Durga puja is done for success and victory in all aspects. Goddess Durga is a form of Sakti and worshipped for her gracious as well as terrifying aspect. She is a mother of the universe and represents infinite power of the Universe. This Kit is ideally prepared with taking into consideration all the ingredients that would be needed for performing Durga Puja. These are neatly packed in a plastic box for safe transport and easy storing purpose.


  • Goddess Durga Photo in Wooden Frame
  • Prayers to Durga - CD
  • Shree Durgaa Lakshmee Saraswatee Poojaa book
  • Red Altar Cloth
  • Shringar Samagri (Bangles, Chunri, Sindoor, Small mirror, Comb, Oil, Mangalsutra , Necklace with Earrings and Bindi, Payal, Hair Clip, Ring, Kajal, Bindi, Nail polish, Lipstick, Perfume, Eye glitters, Hair band and Mehandi)
  • Kalash and Sriphal

Pooja Ingredients

  • Hindu Tilak set (Chandan Paste, Ashtagandha Paste, Gulal, Abir, Haldi, Hanumani Sindur, Kumkum)
  • Madh (Honey) (100 gms)
  • Kapur (50 gms)
  • Agarbatti (Incense)
  • Akshati (Rice)
  • Attar (Perfume)
  • Pure Ghee
  • Set of 5 ghee Diya
  • Holy Water (Rosewater, Gangajal and Gomutra)
  • Dhoop sticks (100 gms)


  • Panchmeva (dryfruits) and Mishri (sweet candy)
  • Kapus Vastra , Cotton wicks (long and round)
  • Artificial Betel Leaf and Betel nuts
  • Holy thread (Moly and Janayu)
  • Plastic bowls for Prasad
  • Supari (betelnuts), Elaichi (Cardamom), Lavang (clove) (each 5 nos)
  • Haldi (Raw Turmeric)

Dimension of Box: 9.25(L) X 7.75(W) X 3(H)

We would be enclosing complete instruction details of the Puja procedure using the Puja ingredients mentioned along with the Kit.


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