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Om Tryambakkam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustivardhanam Urvaarokameva Bandanaan Mrityormooksheya Maamritat
Maha Mrityunjaya Temple
Health and Fame
Fear of untimely death is destroyed
Relief from Evil Spirits
Helps in Happiness Peace Harmony
Success in Profession and Business
Ruling God
Lord Shiva

Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Pooja - 21000 Jaaps at Maha Mrityunjaya Temple Varanasi


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Benefits of Pooja

  • Health and Fame
  • Fear of untimely death is destroyed
  • Relief from Evil Spirits
  • Helps in Happiness Peace Harmony
  • Success in Profession and Business

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The Maha Mrityunjaya Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on the way from Daranagar to Kaal Bhairav Temple. It is home to an ancient well, which is of great religious importance and its water is said to cure several diseases. The temple opens early in the morning at 4:00am and closes late at 12:00am. The holy Aartis are performed at 5:30am, 6:30pm and 11:30pm.

The Mrityunjaya Mahadev Temple in Varanasi is dedicated to the supreme, Lord Shiva, where he resides in the form of “Mrityunjaya”, meaning “the one who triumphs over death”. The temple is the abode to a shivling and an ancient mystical well. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva in this form, protects one from unnatural death. People visit this temple from all over the world to perform the “Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap” in order to get rid of their troubles. The water from the well in the temple premise is said to have healing properties and is considered to be a mixture of several underground water streams. It is believed to have therapeutic effects on several diseases.

The following benefits are experienced from performing the Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Pooja:-

  • Relief from evil spirit.
  • Fear of untimely death is destroyed.
  • Success in Profession and Business.
  • Helps you be more ambitious and achieve professional success.
  • Rejuvanate and nurtures your health, eliminating every type of sickness from your body.
  • Happiness, peace and harmony prevail in the household.
  • First and foremost, the day on which you are to perform this Pooja, you must not eat non vegetarian food, onion and garlic nor should you consume alcohol or tobacco.
  • It will be beneficial for you to get up before dawn on this day. Also, it is advisable if you can keep a fast on this day or if you can consume only fruits.
  • If possible do visit any Shiva temple near your house.
  • Chant the Mantra 108 times at home everyday.
1 Ganga Jal
2 Milk
3 Curd
4 Desi Ghee
5 Honey
6 Sugar
7 Dhoti
8 Dupatta
9 Holy Thread
10 Supari
11 Rose Water
12 Perfume
13 Bhashma
14 Rice
15 Black Til
16 Red Tilak
17 Red Thread
18 Color
19 Sindoor
20 Flowers
21 Bel Patra
22 Dhurva Grass
23 Sweets
24 Dry Fruits
25 Misri
26 Fruits
27 Bhang Leaf
28 Black Pepper
29 Laung
30 Elaichi
31 Pan Leaf
32 Cotton
33 Sand Pot
34 Diya
35 Brass Thali
36 Copper Kalash
37 Black Til
38 Rice
39 Bhoj Patra
40 Corn Seeds
41 Jaggery
42 Kamal Gatta
43 Mango Wood
44 Gohari
45 Jauu
46 Palash Leaves
47 Navgraha Wood

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Pooja is the process of worshipping God with pure mind and heart. An important aspect of Pooja is to make a spiritual relationship with God. Poojas are done for seeking blessings of various Gods and Goddesses. Poojas are also performed for various purposes such as to gain good health, obtaining peace and harmony, gaining material abundance and spiritual prosperity.

Ibhakti provides online Pooja services that are now performed at Kashi Varanasi. What happens after you place an order with us for the Pooja? Simple steps that are explained below will give you a clear picture.

1. Ordering

As soon as you order the Pooja, you receive an Order Confirmation Mail and SMS from us on your registered email address and mobile number.

2. Pooja Performed

On the date selected by you for performing your Pooja, a qualified Pandit will perform the Pooja for you as per the Vedic rituals based on your birth details. Please mention your birth details and Gotra (optional) when booking the Pooja. The Pooja includes the cost of Pooja Samigri required to perform the Pooja. Please note this is an Individual Pooja (You can also include the names of your near and dear ones in the Pooja).

3. Videos

Once the Pooja has been performed, you will receive a video link on your registered email address and via SMS on your mobile number. This video shows the Pandit performing your Pooja. (Mantra Chanting and Sankalpa). There will be 7 Panditji performing this Jaap.

You can also view the Pooja Video in the "My Accounts" under "My Pooja" Section. (Please note the Pooja Video will remain active for 7 days).

Since the duration of this Pooja is long, a CD/DVD of the entire Pooja performed will be couriered to your mailing address.

4. Prasad

The Prasad box contains the following items:

  • A packet of Dry Fruits (Prasad).
  • Energized Gold/Silver Plated Coin of the Deity plus an idol of the Deity to be kept at the place of worship or in the money safe.
  • Energized Holy Thread (Moli) to be worn on the left wrist for females and on the right wrist for males.
  • An energised 5 mukhi Rudraksha bead to be worn or to be kept at the place of worship or in the money safe.
  • Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra
  • Traditional Pooja Chunari to be kept at the place of worship.
  • Bhasma in a plastic pouch to be applied on your forehead.

Please note when booking the Pooja, you will have to Tick the Box "Include Prasad" incase you need the Prasad to be couriered to your doorstep. Charges for the Prasad will be additional which will include the courier cost.

5. Customer Support

In case, you still are not convinced about how we do your Pooja, please contact us at support@ibhakti.com. We will respond to your mail immediately. For us, more than anything else, your satisfaction is prime!