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Karpooragouram karunavataram, samsarasaaram bhujagendra haram, sada vasntam hridayarvinde, bhavam bavani sahitam namami.
Attaining Moksha
Gain in health wealth prosperity
To accelerate/smooth functioning of business
Ruling God
Lord Vishnu
Lord Shiva

Deep Daan Pooja-101 Diyas at Ganga Ghat Varanasi


Note : No Prasad is included with this Pooja.

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Benefits of Pooja

  • Attaining Moksha
  • Gain in health wealth prosperity
  • To accelerate/smooth functioning of business

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Kartika masam or Kartik month is the most auspicious month amongst all 12 Hindu months. As per the most popular belief, Lord Vishnu goes to sleep on Ashadha Ekadashi and wakes up on Kartika Shukla Ekadashi. It is believed that during Kartik month, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu come to visit Earth.

The pujas, all other rituals, rules and codes during the month are called as Kartika Masa Vratam. Many Hindu calendars have mentioned that Kartika masam Kartik is the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. It usually overlaps with the months of October; November in the English calendar. Kartik Maas is described in the scriptures as the best months for performing austerities. Kartik deep daan dispels the delusion of dark and leads one to the path of light of the Divine one.

Kartik Deep Daan which is performed in Ganga River during this month of the year, you will be blessed by Lord Vishnu/Lord Shiva for health, prosperity and wealth forever. It is also believed that religious work done during this month provides results equivalent to visiting all the pilgrimages. It is also believed that praying to Lord Vishnu/Shiva during Kartik maas fetches the devotee Moksha (salvation).

This Pooja is performed by dedicating Lamps to Mata Ganga. In this Pooja, Mata Ganga is worshipped, Aarti is performed and then Lamps are offered in the river banks of the Ganges.

The following benefits accrue to the worshipper as a result of Deep Daan Poojan:-

  • Happiness, peace and harmony prevail in the household.
  • To promote financial prosperity and stability.
  • To accelerate/smooth functioning of business.
  • To effectively and efficiently achieve success in personal and professional life
  • In order to obtain moksha (salvation)
  • First and foremost, the day on which you are to perform this Pooja, you must not eat non vegetarian food, onion and garlic nor should you consume alcohol or tobacco.
  • It will be beneficial for you to get up before dawn on this day. Also, it is advisable if you can keep a fast on this day or if you can consume only fruits.

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Pooja is the process of worshipping God with pure mind and heart. An important aspect of Pooja is to make a spiritual relationship with God. Poojas are done for seeking blessings of various Gods and Goddesses. Poojas are also performed for various purposes such as to gain good health, obtaining peace and harmony, gaining material abundance and spiritual prosperity.

Ibhakti provides online Pooja services that are now performed at Kashi Varanasi. What happens after you place an order with us for the Pooja? Simple steps that are explained below will give you a clear picture. 

1. Ordering

As soon as you order the Pooja, you receive an Order Confirmation Mail and SMS from us on your registered email address and mobile number.

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On the date selected by you for performing your Pooja, a qualified Pandit will perform the Pooja for you as per the Vedic rituals based on your birth details. Please mention your birth details and Gotra (optional) when booking the Pooja. The Pooja includes the cost of Pooja Samigri required to perform the Pooja. Please note this is an Individual Pooja (You can also include the names of your near and dear ones in the Pooja).

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