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Currently we provide services to enable you to order Prasad - watch it being offered live at the temple-and get it delivered to you anywhere in the world. Apart from the Prasad we also provide you the opportunity to see the daily Aarti at the temples by subscribing to the Aartis. We provide these services for various temples across.
Please check the "How it works" button on the top right corner of the home page to get a video on ordering the services or please check our "How it works section"
ibhakti has officially tied up with all the temples shown on our homepage for offering online services to the temple devotees.

In each of our temples you can view the video from priest/Administrator of the temple to verify our authenticity. The link of the video in on the temple Prasad /Aarti page or when you click on the temple photo on the Home page

With every Prasad we send an authentication letter on the temple's letterhead that has been signed by the temple's head administrator

You can see the live streaming of the Prasad being offered by the priest to the deity inside the sanctity of the temple gabhara. Similarly you can see the priest offering the aarti in the temple in front of the idol .It will be impossible for any other site/app which has not tied up with the temple to show this live streaming as they will not have permission from the temples to capture these images from the temple cameras.
Yes, you can make multiple purchases from multiple temples at once. Just select the temple and your choice of Aarti or Prasad and add to cart. You can follow this procedure for multiple temples.
Yes, you can send Prasad to anyone in India or Internationally. Just make sure to enter the recipient's complete and correct address in the "Shipping Address" at the time of checkout. In the "Billing Address", please enter the same address as mentioned on the mode of payment (Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking).
Yes we do support International orders and Deliveries. Depending on the rules of your country certain items might be restricted for your country in which case a message will pop up on your screen asking you to select another item from the list. Please check our Disclaimer on Prasad page before ordering for your Prasad outside India.
You can order 5 packs for each individual temple. For bulk orders please write to us at
While we don't individually gift wrap the Prasad, we take pride in our packing and presentation of the Prasad. This means you can your loved ones Prasad that comes in our well-packed and beautiful packing
We take utmost care in maintaining the quality and hygiene of the Prasad from the time of procurement to the time it reaches you. We also procure Prasad from the most reputed sweet suppliers and brands. Inspite of following the best procedures and taking utmost care even at the suppliers end, we do not take any liability for the Prasad procured from the supplier or any external factors beyond our control.
We have taken all the necessary precautions and care to ensure that the Prasad stays in good condition for atleast 18 days from the day of preparation including -

Using hygienic conditions and special procedure in terms of temperature and quantity of sugar and clarified butter (Ghee) used to prepare the Prasad.

Packing in special vacuum packs and repacked in air tight containers to ensure a longer shelf life.

Prasad is also prepared daily for offering, to ensure immediate offering at the temple and dispatch.

We also try and deliver the Prasad within 10 days internationally

However we recommend the Prasad is consumed within 24 hours from the time of receipt. We also suggest you refrigerate the Prasad immediately on receipt.

However please do read our disclaimer on the Prasad order page before ordering your Prasad.

Inspite of following the best procedures and taking utmost care even during preparation at the suppliers end, we do not take any liability for the reputed suppliers from where the Prasad is prepared and sourced or any external factors beyond our control.
We are in the process of adding more temples to our list. Do keep visiting our website for the latest updates .If you are registered with us we will send you mails on latest additions.
The process of registering at ibhakti is really simple. After you place an order and pressed the "checkout" button you will be taken to the sign in page. Just click on the "SIGNUP" tab and provide a few basic details. Your account will be activated immediately.
We will need your email ID to send you all the important information like your order status, password reset links, tracking details, promotional offers etc., relevant to your account.
Your address will be saved in your account and we will use it to deliver your orders unless specified otherwise.
Your contact number will help us provide you better service by keeping you updated on your order status.
Go into "My Accounts" section from your homepage. In My Accounts you can click on "My cart" to view your orders. "My Addresses" to edit or change Billing address provided at registration
Click on the "Forgot Password" link under the sign up tab. We will send a link to your registered email ID to reset the password.
Please go into "My Accounts" section from your home page.

For Prasad streaming video:

For Prasad video go to "My Prasad" under the My Accounts section. You will see a Prasad video button against your order. On the offer date and time booked by you, this button will turn green. Please click ohe button to see the live video streaming of your Prasad offering straight from the temple.

For Aarti Subscription Videos :

For Aarti video go to "My Aarti" under the My accounts section. You will see a View Aarti button against your order. On the date and time of subscribed aarti, this button will turn green. Please click on the button to see the video streaming of the Aarti at the temple .For 7 days/ 30 days subscription you will see the aartis for the last 2 days i.e. on the second day you will see aarti for the second day and the first day. On the third day you will be able to see aarti for third day and the second day and so on in this order.
The Prasad and Aarti button against your order is grey by default. On the date and time of your offering the button turns green and you can view your ordered Prasad and/or subscribed Aarti.
No Problem. The Aarti and/or Prasad offering streaming video is stored in your "My Accounts" section under "My Prasad" / "My Aarti" for you to view and pray at your convenience.
Each Prasad video in the "My Accounts" section is stored for 7 days from the date and time of offering Prasad at temple

Daily Aarti is stored in the "My Accounts" section for 48 hours from the date and time of Aarti subscription 7 days / 1 month aartis - Each day's Aarti is stored for 24 hours. At a time you can watch 2 days aartis simultaneously in your "View Aarti" section under My Accounts.
ibhakti has partnered with secure payment gateway ccavenue to provides you multiple payment options for your convenience. You can use Internet Banking, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit/debit. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can be rest assured that ibhakti,s trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.
Your financial transactions on ibhakti are 100% safe and secure. All transactions are done through ccavenue, one of the biggest and oldest payment gateways in India. All information passed during the financial transaction is encrypted for security using 128-bit SSL.
You can enter the promo code at the time of checkout of your order to avail the special discounts that go with it.
The taxes as applicable by the Government of India will be applied on our products and services.
You can cancel your order before your offer date at the temple. Do get in touch with our customer support at for further details. Go through our "Cancellation Policy" to know more about the cancellation procedure.
Please get in touch with us through the complaints section in the support section
Click here to know how secure your information is with us.
Please go into "My Account" section from your home page. You can see your order in "My cart" once you log into your ibhakti account.
Please go into "My Accounts" section from your home page. Go into "My Prasad" and click or track order against your order number. Please log in with your user name and password if you are not already logged into your account.

Alternatively you will also be sent an email with the link to track your order.
We regret the inconvenience. Please get in touch with our customer support at along with the order details and we will assist you.
We will try our best to deliver your order at the earliest possible. However, based on the accessibility of your location, the custom clearance process in your country (For International orders) and the availability of Prasad from the temple, it might take some time. Typically, it takes an approximate of 3-4 working days from the date of offer for domestic orders in India and 5-10 working days from date of offer for international orders.
We would love to hear from you. Your feedback will help us improve our services. Please share your valuable inputs at
Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter to stay updated with all the special events and festivals. If you are registered with us you will automatically receive communications about special events and festivals.
Each temple has certain days which are special or very auspicious for that temple or has importance for that god e.g. Ganesh chaturthi for Siddhivinayak / Lalbaughcha Raja as the temple is dedicated to Lord Ganpati. We allow you to offer your prayers and get blessings from the god on these auspicious days
Incase you want to be reminded of the special /auspicious days for each temple, you can import the days onto your phone calendar. On that particular day you will get an event reminder on your phone.
Yes, please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.
ibhakti is compatible with various browsers like IE9 and above, Chrome and Firefox.
ibhakti is compatible with any phone / Tablet using Android operating system or on Apple IOS platform
If your date and time slot has already arrived and yet the "view aarti" / "Prasad video" button is not enabled please get in touch with our customer service at
Please ensure good internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G. In 2G the streaming is slow due to the internet speed of your connection.
Please try again after 5 minutes and ensure Wi-Fi / 3G connection. Sometimes due to a temporary error in the internet connection, the streaming does not connect. Usually this error gets resolved on its own within 5-10 minutes. Incase the error persists please get in touch with our customer service at