How it is Authentic?

  • You can actually watch the prasad being offered in the temple gabara/ watch the aarti every day from the temple or see your pooja being conducted by the priest in the temple premises. We have an exclusive tie-up with the temples and hence have our cameras set up in the temple premises which capture the ceremonies.
  • You can watch the video of the priest advocating the tie-up with their temple and vouching for our services and genuineness.
  • Letter on the temple letter head from the administrative head with each prasad pack.
  • You can check the courier invoice and see that the pick-up location will be the temple address.
  • If you have selected the "Donate to underprivileged" option, you will see the temple or nearby location in the photo of Prasad being distributed that's emailed to you.
  • Most temples will have the ibhakti link for Prasad ordering on their official temple website.